Welcome to the Monkey House!

This is the home page of Paul Joseph Kahle and his family.

Warning! Herein you will find the ramblings of a strange and demented mind exposed for your amusement.

To begin with there are four of us; Vanessa (my wife), Zachary , Jacob  and myself. We live in medium sized house in the Scandinavian center of America, Ballard, Washington. Although the city of Seattle took over the administration of Ballard in the infamous "Dead Horse" election in 1904, Ballard remains a city separate from the rest of the latte culture of the Pacific Northwest.

We have many interests among the four of us so read on and follow the links. That's what makes the web such a powerful tool. Even a page of disconnected ideas like this one can serve as the focus for learning or teaching.

We own a piece of land over in Eastern Washington on which we are currently building a log house. It is located in the north end of a wind gap called Green Canyon in Kittitas County.

I am experimenting with hyper stories as a new way to use the web to disseminate information on various levels.

If you want to communicate with me try e-mail at paul.j.kahle@boeing.com

Last Updated 25-May-2008 by Paul Kahle